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I had the privilege last week of sitting in on an all day workshop just prior to the regular AANR East Summer meeting. An outside consultant was brought in to facilitate what I thought were some really productive work group sessions. This workshop was quite timely after my post last time that dealt with vision. The group was divided into four teams to brainstorm on various subjects dealing with re-imagining an organization from it is quite foundation up. If we can stay out of our own manner I have high hopes for what eventually emerged from that day for AANR-East and perhaps beyond.
At one point the question was asked "are you an organization or a movement?" and I thought that maybe we were both. I reminded folks that none of the current arrangements of "organized " that we've today wouldn't exist were it not for the movement that gave them birth.
Nudist Roots
Part of spy beach is that more vital people in all the organizational constructions both awesome and old would remember our roots and if you haven't been around long enough to remember those roots then do some primary research to detect them. 'm firmly convinced that if principled and passionate folks are willing to lead with less concern about who is in charge then the rest will follow. Do not support organizations for related perks like car, traveling, and blossom reductions but instead support them because you support the vision.
Now - you organizations - we need to believe - set the speed and help us believe!
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Facebook Asserts to Likes Moob and Moobies (male breasts) But Not The Boobies

Does Facebook Actually Love Moobies?
Moobies - Facebook has crazy censorship policies. Since many of you likely understand, women's breasts are outlawed from Facebook's entire social media stage. That said, male breasts - "Moobies" - are absolutely satisfactory and uncensored. Not only is this hypocritical, but the whole guidelines for censorship are unbelievable.
Additionally, Facebook is creating a higher level of constraint for . Do you realize that Facebook does not consider photography as a valid art form? This is what gives them the right to take down any pictures. Arty or pornographic, for Facebook they're no different. We learned this soon after the New Yorker's "Nipplegate" event when they were forced to explain their censorship policy.
Moobies or Male Breasts Are Still An Issue For Facebook!
The nudity ban is generating a lot of criticism among users too. Now that Facebook has clarified that naked cartoons are fully fine it is possible to feel free to post them. But can you actually? Who knows since Facebook removes pretty much something that gets reported. Thus their censorship policies are not in line with their own guidelines.
If this really is not a backwards and ridiculous rule, then I have no idea what is. I can not help but wonder, what's next? Will Facebook ban all art with nudity?
For now at least, moobies (male breasts) are fair game. I put the Moobies to the test after I created and posted the above moobie picture as my profile picture. Up to now I am still good with Facebook. Oddly enough, once I posted on Google Plus, my profile got deleted. So maybe Google is a bit more consistent. I think there is a silver lining here - Google finds all nipples bad so at least they don't discriminate!
Where do we go from here? What will be the following type of censor? Possibly Facebook will only allow pictures of girls in burkas? Or perhaps no women with burkas?
Only time will tell how will favorably or negatively grow their site. Maybe it really is only me, but I just can't wrap my head around this issue. What exactly is so frightening about nudity that it must be torn down from someone's wall ASAP? What could possibly occur?
Really people! I want your help here!
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